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About Us


As a leading provider of Post Frame Buildings, we take pride in offering the best prices and quality in the area.. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. We are located in Lake Charles LA, but serve a vast territory. We currently have buildings being constructed in Texas and Louisiana

How We Build Them

  1. We start with a56x6 cca treated post on 10′ centers (6 x 6 if the post length exceeds 20′) and a 2 x 6 treated bottom plate.
  2. The top plate is a double 2 x 6 (2 x 8 if the free span exceeds 35′) some parish or county codes call for a heavier plate, such as 2×10 or 2×12.
  3. Factory made trusses are set on 5′ center. The trusses are made with #2 southern yellow pine in the top and bottom chords. The webs and other timber in the barn is SPIB association grade stamped  #2. We can provide stamped engineers drawings on the trusses. Trusses are rated for 24 pound top chord loading. Top chord and ceiling joists dimensions depend on the free span width of the building.
  4. 2 x 6 side girts 24" apart , 2x4 roof purlins 2 ft apart
  5. 26 or 29 gauge steel is applied to complete the barn.


Site Selection

We take pride in getting our buildings square and level, but to the untrained eye that flat spot in your field can easily drop 12 inches in 50ft. Our prices do not include site preparation or the hand work to fill in after completion.


When you say 10ft side wall to us we apply a 10ft piece of metal to the barn. But, the metal has to cover the end of the rafter and the top plate. So your clearance with a dirt floor and a sliding door is approximately 9ft. If you pour a slab after we leave using the bottom plate for your form, your clearance is reduced to 9ft less the thickness of the slab.

A shed or open side barn usually has the posts on 10ft centers. If you need an over sized bay for a specific piece of machinery we can generally do it an no extra charge. If you need all of them over sized we need to talk about it to make sure we dont jeopardize the strength of the building.

 Dirt Work

We need a level compacted dirt pad 10ft wider and longer that your building with access for our delivery truck. For example, if you are building a 30x50 building the pad needs to be 40x60  Problems seldom result from a dozer operator doing his job poorly. Problems typically come up because the customer does no dirt work. They find what they think is a level spot and say Build it Here. The costs associated with ground that is out of level typically include material, freight and downtime for the crew. Those extra costs are unnecessary if the dirt work is done.



To keep your price as low as possible, we have not added the cost of a dumpster to your bid. You can expect our crew will pull all burnable scrap in one pile and the token material scrap in another.

We can build what you need but if a permit is required we ask that you give us the name and number of the local office so we can contact them and work up a bid to conform to their standards. You will pull and pay for any permits, we will pay for contractors fees and licenses. We can comply with any building code but they vary by county.

Color Chart And Buildings










Labor, Material, Delivery, 1-3-0 steel walk in door, (1) 10x8 commercial roll up door,
29 gauge colored metal (40 yr warranty), Full trim package w/rat-guard and fascia,
2x6 horizontal girts spaced 2 ft. apart, 4/12 120 mph pre-engineered truss.
Treated 5x5 posts and grade board.And a 4" concrete slab with wire mesh and moisture barrier.


no concrete








 Labor, Material, Delivery, 1-3-0 steel walk in door, (1) 10x8 commercial roll up door,
29 gauge colored metal (40 yr warranty), Full trim package w/rat-guard and fascia,
2x6 horizontal girts spaced 2 ft. apart, 3/12 100 mph pre-engineered truss.
Treated 5x5 posts and grade board.

Concrete is not available in some areas in Texas and Is not included in this price.